Smooth Moves With Debra Hudson

Smooth Moves With Debra Hudson

Today’s episode is all about luxurious moving. Yes, I said it! There is such a thing as luxurious moving and there is no one better to talk to about this topic than Debra Hudson! Debra Hudson is the owner of Smooth Moves by Design, a modern luxury relocation service that guarantees relocation to your new home 100% stress-free. We talk about what moving with a full-scale moving company like Smooth Moves by Design looks like and how it is different from other high-end movers. Join us today to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of hiring a modern luxury relocation company and how settling in services is the cherry on the top when buying a new home.

In This Episode:

[04:00] Behind the scenes of hiring a full-scale moving company

[10:49] Questions that pop up when outsourcing moving and designing your home

[15:04] How is a Smooth Moves by Design different from other high-end movers

[16:57] Trust factor is the essence of high-end services

[30:58] Hiring a modern luxury relocation services doesn’t just save time but relationships too

Key Takeaways:

A full-scale moving company is 100% stress-free high-end relocation experience. They will not just pack and unpack your boxes. They will settle you in, put together your furniture, accessorize your home, color code organize your closet and when you come back, there is champagne waiting for you in the fridge.

Connecting clients to specialized movers is the last 2% of selling a house that will set tone for the whole experience.

If you offer a high-end service you must know how to deal with unexpected situations instead of stressing out clients with small things. They hire you to figure out how to make it happen.

Links Mentioned:

Debra’s personal phone ​​(214) 236-3532

Smooth Moves by Design

Smooth Design Instagram

Text Jill at (469) 500-1300


Owner and Interior Designer

“Living in Dallas, one will experience the true definition of southern hospitality. That’s what I want to offer to my clients.” Simple words to live by but more of a way of life for Debra Hudson, as this is what she offers to her customers through her Smooth Moves by Design services. Having 25+ years in residential interior design, Debra’s vision captures her client’s personality and lifestyle that will be reflected in their new home. “I created a luxury moving service knowing exactly how to please my clients. Being on the stressful side of a traumatic move and seeing how moving creates such inconvenience for families, something had to be done. So, from that notion, I began assuming total responsibility to provide a seamless transition into their new residence.”


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She is now a Broker Associate with @properties dallas and brings over 10 years of experience in all aspects of real estate. She has consistently been a top producer in the DFW area, received yearly Circle of Excellence awards.